Playground Rubber Matting

Playground Rubber Matting

Specialist rubber safety mats are often used on natural grass areas to add extra safety qualities for use with play equipment.

Grass Mat Flooring

Grass Mat Flooring

For play areas which have climbing frames, timber structures and other equipment, rubber matting is a great option to maintain a natural appearance.

Rubber Mat Surfaces

Rubber Mat Surfaces

Climbing equipment is commonly installed at school playgrounds and parks, so it's important to make sure the area is safe when children are using it.

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Rubber Matting for Play Areas

Rubber matting for play areas are popular as they are a type of safety surfacing. As recreational safety surfacing contractors, we often install these for play-areas at schools and public parks for use with play equipment like roundabouts and climbing frames.

These surfaces are also known as grass mats as they are installed onto existing turf areas and allow the natural grass to continue growing through. The unique honeycomb shapes mean that they have holes for the lawn to grow through, so you still get the natural appearance as well as the safe flooring.

How to Install Grass Mats

To find out how to install grass mats, please read the points below:

  1. Place the matting on the turf
  2. Insert pegs into the turf to hold the mats in place
  3. The lawn will then start to grown through the holes and cover the safety surface

If you have had the matting down for a while or if it has just started to lift, then you should get this fixed as soon as possible. This is because if it lifts, it would most likely mean a peg has come loose whcih could cause a serious trip hazzard. It is really important to have your surfacing checked regualrly, especially with young children using it as you want to make sure it is safe for them and that they are not in danger of hurting themselves.

Rubber Grass Mat Installers Near Me

We can supply facilities and surrounding areas, with this surfacing in smaller sized square tiles which lock together so the safety surface can be moulded and installed around existing equipment and to fit a certain area size. It is always recommended to install a ground stabilising mesh layer beneath the rubber grass mats to ensure that the ground is properly prepared and that you get the best end result. Many outdoor playground facilities have the rubber grass mats installed to provide safety qualities while still maintaining a natural appearance. For more info on playground surfacing, check out this page Our team can answer any questions you have about playground flooring.

Feel free to contact one of our experts today by completing our contact box with the details of your enquiry. We'd be happy to talk you through each of the design options and the costs for installing these surfaces. All you need to do, is write you details into the form and we will reply when possible.

What is the Turf Matting Specification?

The specification for grass mat safety flooring is made up of 98% recycled rubber and PVC polymer material which makes the surfacing environmentally friendly. Recreational areas are typically supplied in 1.5m x 1m rubber tiles with a depth of 23mm. This safety surfacing design is tested to BS EN 1177 accreditations for use with equipment and has a Critical Fall Height rating for 2m high equipment, however different specifications can be installed to meet different CFH standards.

Grass Mat Safety Flooring

These types of grass mat safety flooring are a popular choice for public recreational areas and schools as they offer a low budget alternative to other EPDM playground surfaces like wetpour. Having a rubberised mat for a recreational facility installed can help keep its natural appearance which is ideal for timber activity trails as well as playgrounds for kids of all ages. We also offer articial grass carpet. For details on this please visit this page Another of the more natural looking flooring types we install is rubber mulch surfacing, which is often used around timber equipment and has a more rustic appearance.

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