Rubber Playground Mulch in Carrickfergus

Rubber Playground Mulch in Carrickfergus

Shredded rubber mulch surfacing is a popular flooring type at public parks and recreational facilities where equipment is also present.

Mulch Surfacing Designs in Carrickfergus

Mulch Surfacing Designs in Carrickfergus

We offer rubber mulch flooring in a variety of colours to create a natural appearance in parks and play areas where kids run around and use climbing equipment.

Rubber Mulch Flooring in Carrickfergus

Rubber Mulch Flooring in Carrickfergus

Many playground facilities have shredded mulch flooring installed as an alternative to natural surfaces or brightly coloured wetpour designs.

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Rubber Playground Mulch in Carrickfergus

The specification of rubber playground mulch in Carrickfergus BT38 9 is often installed to outdoor play areas to create a natural appearance but with safety qualities which protect kids from injury while using play equipment.

This kind of surfacing is made with lots of shredded rubber which is then bonded together with a resin to create one piece of surfacing. There is also the option to have loose play bark installed which is made of the same rubber-shred but it is spread out loose onto the playground instead of being bonded together.

What is Rubber Mulch?

Rubber mulch is a type of safety surface that is commonly installed in play areas, playgrounds and outdoor gyms across the UK. It has the appearance of bark but the shredded rubber is glued together so that is is one surface.

We have completed installations of this surface at a number of nurseries, kindergartens and schools. The specifications and costs for each project vary and we are able to create  bespoke design which fits in with any existing equipment or features in the area. If you have any specific budget requirements please let us know so we can work our quote around this and ensure the project is affordable for you.

Natural Looking Play Area

The resin bonded rubberised mulch in Carrickfergus BT38 9 provides a more natural looking alternative to other play area surfaces like wetpour which come in brighter colours with graphic designs. Even though it creates a different appearance, the mulch surfacing still gives good safety qualities to protect the kids using the area. Each of the specifications we install has been tested to meet the required Critical Fall Heights for playground equipment, however it’s always advised to check with the equipment manufacturer to make sure you choose the right safety surfacing for your recreational area.

As well as rubberised playground flooring, we can also supply and install synthetic grass carpets - presented on this page - which are perfect for clients who want a more natural looking surface. The artificial turf comes in a range of specifications and may be designed to suit the existing space. Please contact us today if you would like more information on costs and design for any outdoor surfaces we specialise in.

Rubber Mulch Surfacing in Carrickfergus

We know that each play-area is different and requires its own individual qualities, so we offer a range of rubber mulch surfacing designs to suit each particular facility. The rubber playground mulch can be supplied in a range of natural looking colours to keep a rustic woodland feel to your outdoor play area, and the surfacing can be installed to different dimensions and area sizes. You can have full control over the rubber mulch surfacing designs to make sure the final surface is in keeping with the rest of the play-area and that it looks great for a long time.

As well as being used as playground surface, this surfacing type can also be installed for a number of other uses, not just in play-areas. The surfaces designs can be installed for pathways on golf courses, timber activity trails, and many other outdoor areas which require a softer impact absorbing surface. To learn more about soft surfacing, please click here Once it’s put down, is quite easy and simple to look after as a light brush and jet wash is enough to remove any possible contaminants and keep the area clean. As the specification is resin bonded, there is no need to top up the rubber-shred which is required with loose play bark, this helps to keep maintenance costs down.

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This surface is popular because it blends in with natural surroundings and it is also a safety surface. Many areas have it installed when they want their facility to suit the surroundings but also be safe for people to use. It is a popular surface type of outdoor areas in Carrickfergus BT38 9 and around the UK and we can give you a competitive price for installing this kind of playarea, please send us your details and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

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