Outdoor Playground Surfaces in Devon

Outdoor Playground Surfaces in Devon

The installation of recreational flooring is completed to suit numerous different designs, requirements and preferences at nurseries and schools.

External Recreational Areas in Devon

External Recreational Areas in Devon

Surfacing which is commonly put down for recreational facilities includes wetpour rubber, synthetic grass and rubber mulch.

Play Flooring Installation in Devon

Play Flooring Installation in Devon

Our team of specialists will be happy to offer you advice about the costs and specifications for installing outdoor playground facilities.

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Outdoor Playground Surfaces in Devon

As specialists in the soft play surfacing industry, we have been installing outdoor playground surfaces in Devon EX15 3 at different organisations for many years. Our services include the full construction of a variety of safe area surfaces which can be enjoyed by children of all ages, along with maintenance and repairs for these outdoor surfaces.

The most popular of the safe surfaces is wetpour rubber flooring; this specification is installed at nurseries, schools and parks to provide impact absorption which keeps kids safe from injuries. Wetpour safety surfacing can come in a range of bright colours with graphic designs included to create a fun and stimulating environment for children to enjoy.

What are other Play Area Safety Surfaces?

Other play area safety surfaces include rubber mulch, play bark and grass mats. These specifications are usually used for play-areas which want a more natural look but still need the safety surfacing so protect kids when using equipment. The rubber mulch and play bark surfacing provide the appearance of natural bark for a more rustic wooded area appearance. All of our play area flooring specifications in Devon have been tested to ensure that they are safe for use with equipment and meet the Critical Fall Height ratings set out by the equipment manufacturers. For more details on CFH and our specs, please click here http://www.outdoorflooring.org.uk/devon/ The safety for kids using our facilities is always of paramount importance so we take these tests very seriously to make sure each product is produced from the best quality and has all the correct safety characteristics.

Playground Surface Maintenance Near Me

We can also provide maintenance services to keep your outdoor playground in Devon and surrounding areas, safe and suitable for use by children for as long as possible. These services could include brushing, jet washing, minor repairs and de-icer treatments to stop the surfacing becoming slippery or damaged. If your facility is damaged it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible. This is because, if you leave it, it is more likely to become worse and then the repair work needed will more and probably more of an expense.

Don't hesitate to speak to one of our experts by completing the enquiry form so we can discuss the costs of our services with you. As well as discussing prices, we will be able to answer any questions which you might have on the surfacing available anf we can supply you with a quotation for the possible project with you are interested in.

External Recreational Areas in Devon

There are a lot of different design options for outdoor recreational areas in Devon EX15 3 and surrounding areas, which can help create an exciting and educational environment for kids of all ages. The wetpour surfacing could be installed with multi coloured graphics which come in a range of shapes, sizes and designs. Wetpour graphics we install can include number and letter games, cartoon animals, hopscotch squares, and bespoke designs to fit in with a particular colour theme or requirement of the school, nursery or park. Other equipment such as rubber play spheres can also be included with the construction of outdoor recreational areas to create a more decorative look for a facilities play-area.

Rubber Rhino mulch surfacing can be installed to existing areas of playgrounds, pathways, outdoor playground surfaces and activity trails near me, to improve the safety characteristics and enhance a recreational environment for kids. Rubber grass mat tiles are often installed around equipment to create a safer environment compared to just natural grass on its own. For more info on rubber matting click here http://www.outdoorflooring.org.uk/rubber-matting-for-play-areas/devon/ However the rubberised mats let the natural grass grow up through them so you still get the appearance of a more natural grassy area rather than a black playground surface.

Other Services We Offer

Our Services

Please use our contact form to send us over the details of any enquiry you have for recreational areas and playground facilities in Devon EX15 3 and we will be able to give you a price for the works as well as offering advice for the design process. Our aim is to make the enquiry process as straight forward as it can be so that it is not complicated for you or our team. This also means that we are effective in our way of working as we having the details which are needed.

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