Outdoor Rubber Flooring in Bridgend

Outdoor Rubber Flooring in Bridgend

We install wetpour rubber safety flooring with numerous colours to choose from, as well as different graphics and design options.

Recreational Play Surfaces in Bridgend

Recreational Play Surfaces in Bridgend

Our installers complete numerous projects at nurseries, schools and public parks to install safe play flooring.

Rubber Mulch Surfaces in Bridgend

Rubber Mulch Surfaces in Bridgend

Bonded rubber mulch is a safety surface made up of shredded rubber which can be applied to playgrounds, paths and recreational areas.

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Outdoor Rubber Flooring in Bridgend

The most popular type of outdoor rubber flooring in Bridgend CF32 9 that we install is wetpour safety surfacing; this is made up of soft rubberised crumb which is mixed together with a binder to form an impact absorbing surface for playgrounds and recreational areas.

The wetpour outdoor rubber flooring can come in a wide variety of bright and engaging colours including red, green, blue, purple and pink, as well as plain black.

Many schools, nurseries and public play areas have this kind of flooring installed to keep kids safe while they enjoy outdoor play, and to prevent injuries from trips and falls.

The wetpour surfacing specification is designed and tested to meet required Critical Fall Height ratings so it can be used in conjunction with outdoor equipment like swings and climbing frames.

What are the Options for Rubberised Surfacing?

Other options for rubberised surfacing specifications include rubber-mulch, play bark and rubber grass mats in Bridgend CF32 9 can also be installed for playground surfaces to create soft flooring which keeps kids safe during their play-time.

For more details on grass mats, visit this page http://www.outdoorflooring.org.uk/rubber-matting-for-play-areas/bridgend/ The mulch and grass mat rubber flooring create a more natural look for play-areas near me, which want to keep the appearance of real grass or wooded areas rather than brightly coloured wetpour flooring.

Grass mat surfacing is specially designed to allow natural grass to grow through it so the appearance of the mat is disguised but it still provides the shock absorbing safety qualities. Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to talk about the different types of flooring we provide and the costs for installation.

Recreational Rubber Play Surfaces Near Me

We have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the outdoor surfacing industry so we will help you design the perfect recreational outdoor rubber play surfaces for your project, whether it’s for a nursery, school or public area.

Wetpour surfacing is sometimes installed with specialist graphic designs which come in a wide variety of different shapes and colours. To learn more about the graphics please click here http://www.outdoorflooring.org.uk/wetpour/bridgend/ The wetpour graphics we install for outdoor playgrounds in your area and surrounding areas, can include numbers, letters, cartoon characters, animals and traditional playground games, we can create bespoke designs to suit the requirements of your project or to fit with a specific colour theme.

Other additional features and equipment such as rubberised spheres can also be included with the installation of recreational play surfaces to complete the area.

Outdoor Safety Surface in Bridgend

We are able to design a completely bespoke play area facility, which meets your requirements in terms of appearance and area size. You can choose every aspect of your recreational rubber play surfaces to create the perfect environment for the children who will be using the facility.

Educational games and activities such as number grids and roadways can be installed on the soft surface to enhance learning through playing and to teach kids about road safety and cooperating with each other.

For more info on soft surfaces make sure you click here http://www.outdoorflooring.org.uk/outdoor-soft-play-flooring/bridgend/ Please feel free to fill in our contact form with details of any enquiry you may have so we can get back to you with information regarding prices and specifications.

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